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Equestrian origin

Equestrian originated from the productive labor of hominid. Thousands of years ago, human beings realize they can take advantage of the speed and strength of horses to improve themselves. Since then, horses become important partners for human production, life, military, and many other sides. Modern equestrian started in Europe. In order to achieve precise movements of war-horses in the ancient battlefield, people often training the horse for a variety of skills and coordination, which developed into today's equestrian events. Chinese equestrian also has a long history, prospering in Zhou dynasty, and thriving in Tang dynasty. Polo is famous in Tang dynasty, which shows the Chinese equestrian history is over 1300 years. Modern Chinese equestrian based on the traditional ethnic sports and military training. In China horses are traditionally used for transportation and livestock, and now, they are used for leisure, fitness and athletic. Technology is needed to improve the quality of horses and staff. With the extension of equestrian, the Chinese market will have a expansive development.