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Awake love with dream at the same time, let heart gallop with horses!

Chinese equestrian culture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture; it inherits the Chinese ideology of "People-based" and "Justice", and influence Chinese traditional culture in return, which forms a harmonious spirit of sports. With the development of China, equestrian has become an important activity which is full of fun. People realize the true meaning of “green life, health and happiness”, and via various equestrian cultures to show the image of personality, making friends, investment promotion and capital introduction. With the aim to enhance the core competition of equestrian culture, to win market share by high-quality service, we take “harmony, health, green life and imagination” as our theme. We’d like to show the features of ancient city Baoding, and offer you multifarious experience of international equestrian culture with competitive entertainment, culture exhibition as well as relaxation.